Heart Facial Scrubbie

This little stash buster is perfect for adding handmade and reusable sustainability to your self care routine. They also make great gifts with your favorite soap or sugar scrub for a little something sweet.


Finished Measurements

Finished scrubbie measures approximately 4.5” in diameter using a 5.0mm crochet hook and size 4, worsted weight yarn.


28yds / 26m (16g) of a durable, size 4, worsted weight cotton yarn
5.0mm crochet hook
Tapestry needle
Stitch marker

Pattern Yarn

Lily Sugar’n Cream in Pretty in Pink


CH      Chain
SC       Single Crochet
HDC    Half Double Crochet
DC       Double Crochet
ST        Stitch
SL ST   Slip Stitch
INC      Increase (2 ST into same ST)
BLO     Back Loop Only


Scrubbie base will be 4.5″ in diameter, measured after round 5.

Pattern Notes

Pattern is written in American Standard terms.
Do not join between rounds, scrubbie is worked in a spiral.

You may sell small batch, handmade items using this pattern including a link with credit in your product description. You may not redistribute or resell this pattern without written consent from the author. Contact me for pattern licensing information.


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To Start

Start with a magic ring, CH 1.

Round 1:

HDC 9 into the magic ring. Pull the ring closed and do not join, you’ll be working in a spiral. Use a stitch marker in the first stitch of each round to keep your place.

Round 2 (worked in BLO)

HDC INC into each of first 3 ST, 3HDC into next ST, HDC INC in each ST to end of round. (19)

Round 3 (worked in BLO)

*HDC INC, HDC*; repeat * four times. 3HDC into of next ST. *HDC INC, HDC*; repeat * to end of round. (30)

You’ll start to notice your bottom point coming together after this round. You can use this as an extra guide moving forward.

Round 4 (worked in BLO)

SC in first ST. HDC INC in next. DC INC in next 2 ST. HDC INC in the next ST. HDC in next 3 ST. SC in next 4 ST. HDC in next ST. DC in the next ST. 3DC in the following ST. (These should go into the bottom point of your heart)

DC in the next ST. HDC in next ST. SC in next 4 ST. HDC in next 3 ST. HDC INC in next ST. DC INC in next 2 ST. HDC INC in next ST. SC in last 2 ST. (40)

Round 5 (worked in BLO)

SL ST in first ST. HDC in next. DC in following ST. DC INC in next 6 ST. DC in next 2 ST. HDC in following 4 ST. SC in next 2 ST. HDC in following ST. DC in next ST. 3DC in next ST. DC in following ST. HDC in next. SC in next 2 ST. HDC in following 4 ST. DC in next 2 ST. DC INC in following 6 ST. DC in next ST. HDC in next ST. SL ST into second to last ST. CH 10. Rejoin with SL ST into last ST of round. (54 + CH loop)

Spiral Layers

Working in reverse back down the spiral to the center of the scrubbie, make a DC in the front loop of each stitch in the spiral.

To Finish

Fasten off and pull working yarn through the middle of the magic ring to the back of your work. Tighten the magic ring, then weave in your ends.

Now go enjoy some homemade self care!


Recommended Use

Use finger loop to secure scrubbie to your hand during use. Lather with your favorite soap for an exfoliating wash. Follow yarn manufacturer’s instructions for washing.


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